Research shows there are 3 different Metabolic Types – Fat and Protein Efficient, Carbohydrate Efficient and Dual Efficient. Each type needs a different ratio of protein, fat and carbs to generate energy and initiate fat burning.

Carbohydrate Efficient makes up 23% of the population. Someone who is Carbohydrate Efficient is able to metabolize and utilize carbohydrates much more readily and efficiently than protein and fat. Their meal plan will mainly consist of carbohydrates (about 70%), protein (about 20%) and fat (about 10%). (Please note that these numbers can and will change depending on your daily activity level, type of exercise and progress with the program. The percentages are not exact, and are only used as a guidance.

Someone who is Carbohydrate Efficient is best designed for endurance exercise and sports. This includes running, swimming, basketball and cycling. This should make up the majority of their training (75%) with the addition of some weight training (25%).

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