You will notice that the carbohydrate content is much higher for the first couple of weeks on fat and protein efficient. The reason behind this is most people are already consuming too many carbohydrates before hand (ie. before knowing their metabolic type). If your carbohydrate content was dropped right away to just 25% of your intake, this could put a strain on your organs, metabolism, and digestive system. 

Most people follow or go above the RDA which states people should consume 45-60% of carbohydrates. 

You will notice that your meal plan will shift each week to incorporate a less carbohydrate based diet. Week two will likely be the same percentages, but Dr. Goglia recommends to start removing gluten, yeast, and other starches from the diet. This allows your body to get used to more wholesome carbohydrate sources ( ie: choosing sweet potatoes over bread), and getting you accustomed to choosing better carbohydrate sources. By week 3, you will notice a slight decrease in carbohydrate allowance. 

Getting your body weaned off carbohydrates slowly is much better for your metabolism than drastic changes. This plan is designed for you to be successful in the long run, and create a lifestyle change.

Now if you were someone who followed a very low carbohydrate meal plan before signing up, you can decrease up to 1 meals carbohydrate intake by replacing them with vegetables or decreasing the amount.

Example: If your meal plan requires (4oz meat, 1 cup grain, 1 cup vegetable), you can simply remove the grain or cut the amount in half (1/4- 1/2 cup grain). 

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