If you are having digestion issues, first thing is to make sure you are hitting your water intake for the day. Water helps move food along the digestive track so it is very important you are getting enough. Stick to easily digestible food. For your fruits choose a banana, melon, pineapple, or squeezable fruit pouches. Be mindful of what vegetables you are eating. Carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and beets are easiest to digest. Other tips include eating cream of rice for your cereal options and getting in some light exercise. Being sedentary for too long can decrease digestion. Even a 15-minute walk can help increase digestion! 


Some also helpful tips for this client could be....

-  remove stems/peels from veggies and fruit. 

  •  dice, mash, chop, grate, or blend food to make them easier to break down.  (ie: smoothies are a great idea)

- raw vegetables should be well-cooked/ steamed- helps break it down. 

Hope this helps!

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