Are you consistently having your last, post-dinner snack before bed? The snack (it's usually fruit) consumed after dinner is a simple sugar that will elicit a hyper/hypoglycemic insulin response as you fall asleep. This metabolic reaction to simple sugar will promote deep stage four REM sleep allowing for the increased excretion of growth hormone that will provide increased fat metabolism and deep restful sleep.

That was a lot of science, forgive us. Additionally, if you are skipping and/or under-eating at dinner, your sleep patterns will be interrupted. If you are having a non-prescribed starch at dinner and/or if you are over eating your starch portion at dinner, a restless sleep will be the likely result. Remember that these starches are energy source foods --- you are not going to run a marathon after dinner so there is no need to consume an overage of carbohydrates at night.

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