We know that bland & tasteless foods are the death of any diet or meal plan. That is why we have included a free foods list of extra condiments, spices and dressings that you can add into any meal without the guilt!

Condiments you consume that are on the free list include: 


barbecue sauce

mustards (yellow, Dijon, and honey mustard)

low sodium teriyaki sauce



Remember, although these are called “free foods”, be mindful of sugar and sodium content of some brands. Compare brands to find which ones are lowest in sodium and sugar. 

Salad dressings should be kept to 3 tablespoons a day, some approved dressings include:

balsamic, red, white vinegar mixed and fresh lemon juice

light versions of salad dressings (low-fat is best) 

Dry seasonings & spices

Mrs. Dash (no salt added) 

Flavor God (find online or specialty stores) 

Don't see what you want listed here?

As a general rule anything under 50 calories is allowed to be added to flavor up any meal. 

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