No! Each week we'll include a variety of healthy meals and snacks in your meal plan so that you never get bored.

You can also customize any meal or snack using the built-in Exchange System:

  1. From the online platform select “Meal Planner”.

  2. Go to the meal that you would like to Swap an item for.

  3. Select “List mode”.

  4. Locate the item you would like to Swap out and select the circular arrow.

  5. You can search by typing what you would like to Swap or manually scroll through the options given. *Helpful hint: you can only Swap items that will keep you within your macro restrictions, i.e. breads for other carb items, meats for other protein items, etc.

  6. Once you have found the item you would like to Swap, click the item and then select Swap (on the bottom left of your screen). You have swapped out the item!

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