• Everything Sunbasket offers is made with hand-selected seasonal ingredients from the country’s top farmers, ranchers, and seafood purveyors.

  • In your Sunbasket you’ll find fresh organic produce, responsibly raised meats free of antibiotics and hormones, and seafood that’s wild-caught or sustainably raised, following the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program guidelines. Not to mention incredible seasonings and sauces!

  • All of the Sunbasket meals and recipes are developed by their team of award-winning chefs, led by Executive Chef Justine Kelly.

  • The meals are dietitian-approved and emphasize nutrient-dense produce, whole grains, high-quality protein and good fats, with minimal added sugar and processed ingredients. All of our meals:

    • Contain about 400-800 calories / serving

    • Are high in fiber, with at least 5g / serving

    • Are high in protein, with at least 10g / serving

    • Contain limited sodium, typically less than 800mg / serving

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