G-Plans is designed based on the body's unique metabolic type. To maintain consistent blood-sugar levels, our meal plans encourage you to eat a meal or snack every two to four hours. We know that this can be challenging, but the reality is that most of us significantly under eat, consuming only two meals a day, or eat at such widely spaced intervals that our blood sugar levels are hard to regulate -- which makes it even harder to lose weight.

By having a meal or snack every few hours, you are keeping your metabolism going. Think of your metabolism as a campfire and if you don't keep placing firewood on the fire, the fire will eventually burn out. Your metabolism is the same way, which is why feeding it throughout the day, you will be able to continue to burn fat. Going prolonged hours of not feeding your metabolism will cause it to slow down. Ensuring you are eating your meals every 2 - 3.5 hours ensures your metabolism is running hot and working as your natural fat burning machine.

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