For Apple users or if you paid via Apple Pay: you’ll need to go into the Subscriptions section of the App Store on your phone to cancel your account.

For Android users, if you paid via the Google Play Store, you can cancel your account following these steps:

1. Make sure you’re signed into the correct Google Account.

2. Tap Menu and then tap Subscriptions.

3. Select the subscription you want to cancel and then follow the instructions.

Please note that your G-Plans subscription will NOT be canceled if you simply delete the G-Plans app from your phone.

If you did not use either Apple Pay or the Google Play Store to sign up for G-Plans, you can cancel your account by logging into and navigating to your Settings page. Under the section Your Membership, you’ll see a button to Cancel Account. From there you will follow the prompts to cancel your account.

If you are on a special discounted plan you may have to contact us for assistance in canceling the account. You can reach us at or call us at (619) 220-9009.

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