You may be surprised by the high amount of calories that your plan is suggesting. Rest assured - this is correct and intentional. G-Plans is NOT a low-calorie diet plan, it is a metabolic meal plan that is customized to your unique metabolic type.

Calorie deficit diets result in the "cooling" of your body's metabolism and this makes it very difficult for people to lose weight. G-Plans provides a safe, sustainable, and recommended calorie intake that will boost your metabolism and provide you the energy you need to feel your best.

On G-Plans, you will not go hungry or have to fight back hunger pains. However, if you are having trouble reaching your recommended intake goals, take it slow, and gradually increase your portions.

Still having trouble? Book a consultation with one of our G-Plans Nutritionists to help customize your meal plan based on your current intake. This will allow you to ease into your plan and progress into your full metabolic efficiency.
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