If you've eaten too much fat, chances are good that it is from the "not so good for you" category (also known as saturated fats). Consuming this type of fat may make you feel a little stuffed or even constipated.

For today, you'll want to skip the nuts and seeds for your snack (just for a little break). Then, pick back up with your plan tomorrow.

Hydration will also be key today. So, be sure that you increase your water intake by 16 oz. to 20 oz. This can help with excess bloating and constipation you may be experiencing. Fat takes longer for the body to breakdown and digest which is why you may feel a little full, but don't worry that feeling will go away! 😀

Adding in some movement today would be great too! Sitting for too long and too much fat slows down digestion. So, make a point today to get up and go for a walk – even if it's for just 15 minutes to get your digestion system moving!

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