No one likes that feeling of not being able to go. Whether the urge to go is not occurring or bowel movements are becoming less frequent, there are many solutions to correct this issue. First, some causes of constipation could be the result of moving less, eating less fruits, vegetables and whole grains, eating too much dairy, certain medications, and the biggest contributor, not drinking enough water.

So most importantly, make sure you are hitting your daily water intake. Warm juices, ciders, water with lemon, and teas have been shown to help relieve symptoms. Also make sure you are eating at your regular times each day. Meal skipping can disrupt the body’s natural rhythm and decrease bowel function.

Fiber is huge in preventing constipation, but soluble fiber is best. You can the best sources in oatmeal, psyllium husk, beans, and sweet potatoes.

IMPORTANT: When you increase your fiber intake, you must drink enough water for the fiber to do its job. Only intaking foods with high fiber and no water can further worsen constipation.

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