Whenever you remove carbohydrates from a food plan, you might experience some sugar cravings, especially if your previous diet included a lot of sugary snacks and beverages. However, excess sugar to program the body to want more of the sweet stuff, hence why you might be craving those cookies or cake right now. You can overcome this urge for sugar by replacing the craving with some fruit. Frozen grapes, pineapple, and banana are among the sweetest fruit and may help subside that craving. Also try to hydrate as much as possible to see if this resolves the craving. Mix in sugar-free flavorings to your water such as those sweetened with Stevia, or sip on warm tea.

No luck? Have a small portion of what you are craving. Craving a cookie? Have one or two cookies, not the whole package and pair with a glass of almond/ soy milk or water to help you feel fuller.

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