You may be wondering how your getting enough calcium on your meal plan if it doesn’t contain any dairy. Don’t worry, dairy isn’t the only source of calcium, and studies have shown the absorption of calcium from dairy products is quite low, providing little useable calcium for our bodies.

Some great sources of calcium include: spinach, kale, collard greens, sardines, salmon, tofu, and white beans. If you need to have some milk in your protein shake or cereal, go for almond or soy milk. Many brands fortify these milk alternatives with calcium and vitamin D.

In order for our bodies to soak up all the calcium, we must combine it with another vitamin known as vitamin D. Both are needed to help each other be utilized by the body. Eat whole eggs to get the vitamin D from the egg yolks, and fatty fish like tuna and salmon to maximize your calcium absorption. A spinach and egg omelet is a great combo or try salmon with a mixed green salad!

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