Dr. Goglia recommends certain foods over others due to their fat burning effects. Those with fat burning effects include:

Asparagus: contains the chemical asparagine, which helps the kidney’s and improves circulation so cells can break down fat more efficiently. Asparagus also helps breaks up oxalic acid which likes to hold onto fat. Getting rid of this acid will help lower fat levels.

Garlic/ Onions: is a natural diuretic due to containing oils that help break up fat and remove from then body. Apple Cider Vinegar- made from apples and magic acid, this fat burning vinegar contains acids and enzymes that speed up your metabolism which helps burn fat. ACV also helps control insulin secretion which can affect fat storage. The better blood sugar control and insulin control, the less fat storage.

Tomatoes: high in vitamin C, citric and malic acids. These acids will help accelerate your metabolism by helping the kidneys filter out fatty deposits and eliminate them from your system.

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