We get it, your busy. You may be a be busy mom or dad, a full-time student, or someone who works a hectic 9-5 job. Life happens, and if you find yourself eating out, stick to these tips to help guide you make better decisions. Eating out does not have to be unhealthy. There is always a way you can make a dish a little more healthy

Ask, ask, ask-  You may not want to be a hassle to waiter, but don’t forget this is your body and the food you put into it is going to affect how you feel and either help or derail your progress. Ask your server how the food is prepared. If the meal comes with a sauce, ask for it on the side so you can control the amount you use. Ask the waiter to have the meal prepared without added oils, butters, or heavy calorie dense items like cheese, sour cream (etc.).

Go simple- Many restaurants will have grilled chicken, fish, and some type of vegetable. Simply ask for these items on the side, such as a side of grilled chicken, side of vegetables, and side of potatoes or rice. Or if the menu has a item similar to this, just customize ask the waiter if you can swap out the sides for your choosing. 

3. Portions too big? Box half first- Once you get your entree, simply box up half. This takes away the temptation of having the whole entree in front of you, and you will less likely overeat if the other half is already out of sight. Plus, you get to save money by saving the rest for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. 

4.  Be cautious of salads- The stigma that salads are always the best option is false! If you do order a salad, scan the ingredients. Most salads contain calorie dense items like croutons, tortilla chips, cheese, heavy cream based dressings, and extra portions of avocado, nuts, seeds, and other olive oil. Although these are healthy fats, the portions and quantities are usually too much, and contain high amounts of calories. If you want to order a salad, try to limit these type of toppings and add a lean protein, more vegetables, and a balsamic dressing. 

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