Meal prepping when you are crunched for time will help you stick to you meal plan and avoid temptations such as that frozen dinner or quick processed foods. Here are some tips to get you started on meal prepping:

1. Keep it simple. Most of your meals on your plan are already simple, and you can make it even more simple by prepping them. Have eggs listed for breakfast? Hard boiled eggs is much easier than scrambled eggs on the go. Don’t have time to cook chicken? Throw it in a crockpot in the morning before work with some seasoning or an approved free food sauce, and your chicken will be done when you get home.

2. Set two days of the week of where you can meal prep. Maybe Sundays and Wednesdays are your least busy days, so give yourself some time on those days to cook and portion out your meals for at least the next two days.

3. Invest in Tupperware. Buying good quality Tupperware will help keep you meals fresh and easy to take on the go. Portion out your meals in these containers so they are ready to go when you do your meal prep, so you don’t have to worry about portioning out everything when you are already hungry.

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