You may have been eating low carb before joining G-Plans, and you might be a little weary that your meal plan has a lot more carbohydrates than you are used to and you will gain weight. You may experience some bloating when you increase your carbohydrate intake.

Why? Carbohydrates turn into glycogen which is then stored in the muscle for energy. This is why it is important for athletes to include carbohydrates in their meal plan. When glycogen is stored in muscle, it brings along with it almost 3g of water. This results in a fuller appearance for the body, not body fat.

Overconsumption of carbohydrates or any macronutrient will result in body fat gain. Carbohydrates will not automatically equal weight gain, its time to get rid of that stigma!

Our advice? Start slow! Don't feel the need to rush in and consume all your carbohydrates right away. We designed your meal plan for you to be successful in the long run, so ease into increasing your carbohydrate intake will lessen the feeling of being bloated and retaining water. Your body takes time to adjust. Eventually, we want you to consume all what your meal plan recommends, trust Dr. Goglia's plan, and you will start seeing changes!

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