You just started your program, and maybe you are little anxious to begin or nervous you can't commit to this program. No worries, those are completely normal feelings, and we are here to make this process as easy and smooth as possible. Don't be afraid to ease into the program, you don't have to do everything right away! Below are 7 tips that will make things a little easier to stick with your meal plan:

1. For your first to second week on the program, focus on getting familiar with your meal plan. Get familiar with the foods and meals, and try to eat 2-3 of the meals suggested, or perhaps getting in your snacks for the day.

2. Prepare enough food, especially your protein sources like chicken and fish at one time to make approximately two days’ worth of meals. Steam or cut up your fruit and vegetables so they are easy to grab on the go or ready to eat. This way your meals are fresh and you don't have to worry about cooking every night.

3. Invest in Tupperware for your prepared meals. You will be less tempted to eat other foods when your food is already portioned and ready to eat. It is best to put your meals in Tupperware the night before, so you can grab them and go in the morning time.

4. Carry a larger water bottle. It’s easier to keep track of your intake with a much larger water bottle, and a bigger bottle encourages you to drink more. Also, keep it in sight. The more it is in your sight, the more it is a reminder to hydrate.

5. Buy frozen! We live busy lives, and it's nice to have some backups in the freezer. Buy frozen vegetables, fruit, rice, no salt added potatoes, (etc.) Buying fresh is not always convenient, and buying frozen does NOT change the nutrition or make these foods any less healthier.

6. Don’t expect to see any weight change during the first week of the plan. Change doesn't happen overnight. Your body is just now adjusting to the foods you are feeding it, give it until week three before you see any weight changes. Be patient and trust the process.

7. Ask questions! We are here to support and help you make this lifestyle change as easy as possible. Whether it is about portion sizes, food preference, or exercise, we are here to help! For immediate help with questions regarding your meal plan, general information, or your account we ask that you first refer to our detailed help center or chat with one of our customer success reps on Live chat or email us at

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response to meal plan questions Monday through Friday. Live chat will be your quickest way to get a response time and typically average 1 hour. There are many great resources available to you on the platform like our help center, FAQs and videos from Dr. Goglia.

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